Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide – Is It Worth A Try?

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If you have read all the feedback and reviews on Brad’s The Ex Factor Guide and looking to find the actual truth about this program, then you reach to the right place. In this review, I will try my best to share all the information to help you in making the right decision.

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After understanding this point, let take a look at why you need professional advice to get your ex back.

Why You Need Professional Advice To Get Your Ex Back?

Get Your Ex BackMany people think a breakup is the end of their relationship. They think their situation is hopeless and they can’t get back together again. YES! Your situation may be hopeless, or you may think your situation is different than anyone else but you need to understand certain techniques work doesn’t matter whoever break the relationship and it doesn’t matter why the relationship ended.

The Internet is full of crap advice from people who know nothing about the relationship. They give their advice to gain some likes on their videos or to become popular. They don’t realize the feel and pain of the one who is suffering from this difficult situation.

Above all, your friends and family members are NOT the relationship experts. They don’t feel the love you have for your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. They don’t know how difficult it is for you to live without your ex. They suggest you to ‘Move On’ just to make you feel happy.

Listen to this… If you think you can’t live with your ex and want him/her in your life, then you need professional advice. No, I am suggesting you spend hundreds of dollars for expert advice what I am suggesting you is to get relationship expert advice that comes in the form of digital course. This is where Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide shines!

You can watch video below to understand how a relationship program can help:

Ex Factor Guide Review

Let’s look at this relationship course and find how it can help you in getting your ex back.

What is The Ex Factor Guide All About?

Created by Brad Browning, this is a comprehensive relationship program for all those individuals who want to get their ex back and ready to spend their whole life with them.

The Ex Factor Guide PDFYou may be thinking your situation is unique, and a book can’t cover your situation, but this is not the case with Brad’s Ex Factor Guide. You will find a lot of real-life examples of users that successfully able to get their ex by using Brad techniques. By the time you finish reading this book, your questions will probably answer in detail.

If you already create a lot of trouble in your Ex life after the breakup, then you can use Brad’s 4-sentence ‘Clean State’ email that can undo any damage that you did and make your ex to forgive you.

Additionally, Brad provided dozens of text messages that you can customize to fit in your situation and send to your ex for a guaranteed response. Brad has a topic that will prepare you to take advantage of your encounter with your ex.

With the help of Brad’s step-by-step guidelines, you can create a sense of mystery and make your ex to miss you more than anyone else.

All these techniques are easy to implement and proven to work because Brad is a certified relationship counselor and he created these techniques by utilizing his experience of helping couples in getting back together.

Importantly, Brad has provided 24/7 email support that you can use if you feel your problem or situation is not addressed in The Ex Factor Guide system. You can discuss your situation with him, and he will provide you best possible solution for your situation.

What You Will Learn Inside The Ex Factor Guide?

Here are few highlighted things you are going to learn inside this guide:

  • Gives out hundreds of real-life examples of people who able to win their ex back.
  • A simple fact that makes you realize why you should never say SORRY to your partner doesn’t matter whatever you have done before.
  • Author has talked about all areas of relationship that result in a breakup. In short, you will understand why your relationship comes to an end.
  • A secret 4-sentence ‘Clean Slate’ message that you can send to your ex to undo any damage you have done since the breakup.
  • Brad has provided a lot of proven and tested strategies that will make your partner wants you desperately making your work easy for winning your ex.
  • You will get some text messages that you can send to your ex to give a new beginning to your relationship.
  • A set of simple sentences that you can memorize so that you can take advantage whenever you meet with your ex. This will prepare you to impress your ex once again instead of leaving you wondering what to say.
  • A simple email that you can send to your ex to let them know how you are feeling without sounding needy or desperate.
  • This program comes in three different formats. You can read a 125-page guide, or you can listen to audio or you can watch video on a go.
  • An effective strategy that will create a sense of mystery in your ex’s mind and they will start thinking about you once again.
  • A simple method on how you can take help from your ex’s friends to win your ex back again.
  • Author has mentioned different skills for you to develop to attract your ex again.
  • And much more

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Meet Brad Browning:

Brad BrowningBrad Browning is the relationship coach who is helping men and women to get their ex back and revive their dying relationship. Brad is living in Vancouver, Canada where he is offering personal one-to-one training to only selected clients.

Brad is well-respected relationship coach who has helped thousands of men and women to save their broken relationship and get back together. He has completed his Bachelor of Art (Psychology) from the University of British Columbia.

Brad is the best-selling author of two programs. The Ex Factor is the relationship program that teaches how to get an ex back. Mend The Marriage teaches about how to save your dying marriage and bring the missing spark back in your marriage.

Brad is running Youtube Channel with over 200K subscribers where he is regularly uploading videos about breakup and relationship advice. Additionally, Brad is the active contributor to popular relationship sites such as and

Besides helping people with their relationship issues, Brad likes to read relationship books, watch ice hockey and travel with his wife.

 How Does The Ex Factor Guide Work?

If you are trying to get your ex back for some time, then you probably know conversational methods like saying sorry, sending gifts, calling and texting don’t work in getting a positive response because these conversational methods work on the rational part of the brain rather than emotional part of the brain.

The right way to win your ex is to try to create feelings that work on the emotional part of the brain, as this is the place that generates love hormone.

For this reason, Brad created a 3-phase method (also known as 3R System) that activate love hormone in the brain and remove all bad memories. Here is how these three steps work:

Recovery – In this step, you will learn how to feed reminders of passionate relationship you both had in the past which will create feelings of intimate moments you both spend together.

Rekindling – This step is all about creating the feelings of attraction with the help of texts, emails and eye-to-eye sentences that Brad has already created for you. Although Brad has provided all the tools, but it depends on you how you deliver them. Successful application of these messages will break defense mechanisms.

Re-attraction – This step will teach you how to make your ex to react on the urges you are developing in the previous two steps. Some flirting techniques that Brad shared in this step will create intimacy and remove all previous bad memories.

Final Verdict – Is This Right Program For You?

If you think your ex is the sole reason for your happiness or if you feel you both are made to live together then you should give a try to this program. With The Ex Factor Guide program in your hands, you have a professional expert that is showing you each step that will bring you closer to your ex.

Right now, you may be very confused and can’t decide if you want your ex in your life or not. Wait! Ask yourself, will you able to live happily without your ex? Is it possible for you to forget all those lovely and passionate memories you spend together? Close your eyes for a  minute and ask for your heart. If you get the answer in affirmative, then close this page and live happily with your ex.

However, if it is difficult for you to forget your ex and all those lovely moments then trust me and at least give a try to Brad’s advice. This way you will not regard in future for not trying to get your ex. The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning has changed many lives, lots of couples get together with the help of Brad’s advice that is the reason I want you to give it a try. Who knows you may be next success story people will read to learn from your experience for getting their ex back. Best of luck with your new and stronger relationship.

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